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Xiaomi Xiaoyi Smart CCTV Camera night vision

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Xiaomi Xiaoyi Smart CCTV Camera night vision malang


 The Mi smart cameras can be placed anywhere you need

You can get to know the situation where you want to know by phone or tablet at anytime or anywhere. If not at home, you can use the two-way voice calls. You can also participate in distant family birthday parties, capture the moment of Happy. Don’t miss any exciting moments.

Your Home is On The Phone

Small ants smart cameras can be placed anywhere you want, by phone or tablet anytime, anywhere to understand the situation at home. If not at home , may also be a two-way voice communication. You can even remotely involved in the birthday party of his family, to capture the joy of the moment, not miss any moments.

Away From Home, Intelligent Security Automatic Opening

Open the phone at any time in case of housekeeping, doors and faucet is turned off, the anxiety no longer friends. The event of danger, immediately began recording function, but also a timely warning to inform you when you leave the house, it will open the motion detection function, no one at the state use millet smart home app.

Look At Any Time To Take Pictures or Video

In your busy time, the child has quietly grown? You can not miss the baby every moment of growth, both in his successful completion of the tower blocks pretty remote camera, or in overtime the night for him hum a lullaby to sleep with him. Open the phone with him immediately !

4x Digital Zoom, See Every Detail of The Screen

After work, greet your pet is not only to sell Meng , and it made "accident" scene? Now, you can always use the phone to view, but also double click 4x zoom, look for it in the morning or sleeping in the sofa corner bite your shoes, by voice, shout it to immediately stop the destruction.

Infrared Night Vision, To See What Happened Quietly Home

Always worried that the baby will wake up at night, and get up repeatedly to view ? Now, with a Xiaoyi small ant smart cameras night vision version, you can use the phone at any time to watch the dark, baby's sleep. No light pollution, it can be quietly on the bed, do your eyes, 24 hours to take care of the baby grow.

Two-way Voice Feature That Allows You to Live in Happiness

With a Xiaoyi small ant smart cameras with her to spend the big day. 111 Degree wide-angle lens to bring a sense of immersive screen, press and hold the call button interface sing the birthday song for her, it is now no longer a problem

More Secure Local Storage, Permanent free

In addition to real-time viewing, it can insert a Micro SD (TF) memory card (in order to obtain the best possible experience, it is recommended to 8GB TF card above), recording at any time to look back. Perfect adaptation millet router, video can be recorded directly on the router 1TB hard drive. Very safe in the local video store, to prevent loss of privacy, but also to avoid additional charges stored in the cloud service brings.

1280x720 HD Resolution, 111° Wide-angle Lens

Xiaoyi Smart cameras use small ants all-glass lens, have better optical properties than the resin lens is generally used camera, the picture is more transparent and delicate. A resolution of 1280 x 720, is not easy to notice small details can record intact. 111 ° wide-angle lens, covering almost every corner of the room.

Camera 20fps (1280 x 720)
Lens Camera angle horizontal viewing angle : 92.7 degree
Vertical Viewing Angle : 48.7 degree
Diagonal viewing angle : 111.2 degree
Sensor Infrared light board 8 940nm lamp beads (no red infrared light exposure)
Networking IPV4, UDP, TCP, HTTP, RTP, DHCP, P2P
IEEE802.11b / g / n
Storage support Micro SD 8-32G and millet router products

.jika sudah terinstall tidak perlu upgrade firmware,

karena menyebabkan gagal koneksi dan seting ulang lagi



instantly as your fingers move swiftly between keys.

Extreme Anti-ghosting

Actuate keys with all ten fingers simultaneously and have all of them register with the extreme anti-ghosting capabilities on the Razer DeathStalker Essential. Every command is registered and executed to perfection allowing you to destroy your opponents quickly and efficiently giving you the unfair advantage constantly.

Razer Synapse 2.0

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