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HD Player Xtreamer Xtreamer TV + Wifi malang - Kios komputer

 our Very First Home Page Channel on TV

Our aim with the XtreamerTV is to introduce to you a new concept built around a media player and media streamer. Not only XtreamerTV is one of the most capable media players in the market, it is also focusing on the ability to watch content without download. With an approach totally different from what the consumers are used to in digital media playback, as of 2013 the XtreamerTV is going to set a new standard in the industry. Anything you saw on media players before will look to you as old and outdated.

The device can play just about any media content you throw at it, whether it is an HD movie, multi-channel audio MKV or music. The difference is that,unlike anything we have made before, this time the device is doing many of its functions automatically for you. The entire navigation is built around 2 or 3 buttons on the screen display.

Not only that we have set our goal to make the XTV to be affordable, we provide the automatic posters and movie description download for any movie you copy to it, latest movie trailers availability on the Home Screen, listing of the the top music charts and music playback in HD clips quality, and we also provide access to your Gmail and local weather forecasts.

No downloads or difficult procedures are required on XTV. The content from the Internet or any shared folder in your local network will be automatically scanned and added to the device for you. With an amazing User Interface all of this rich content from your personal media collection and the Internet will be right there waiting for you on your TV or your tablet or smartphone. The XTV is your new TV homepage channel waiting for you to zap whenever you want. On the Go, you will be able to easily assign downloads from torrents engine using your smartphone. So when at home you're able to enjoy your movies right away.

This device is a clear quantum leap in overcoming SDK issues that Realtek products suffered from. A year of close development with Sigma Designs teams resulted in one of the most advanced devices ever introduced to the media players market. We even made a specially designed kids interface that should make it your best choice for media player in 2013.

Xtreamer TV


Sometimes it is nice to get a glimpse of what is worth watching in the cinema or to get an idea what is hot in action or drama. It could not be easier than the way it's done on the XtreamerTV which shows you the latest 100 movie trailers. Click and Play them directly from the Internet.

Xtreamer TV


Imagine you can sit in your living room and play on your TV any music clip directly from the Internet, in HD quality. The XtreamerTV delivers just that and refreshes daily its music charts and exposes you to the top music hits of all the greatest artists and bands. Just click and play the music and watch the HD clips on your TV.

Xtreamer TV


Watching a movie these days is expected to be an overall experience. An Experience enhanced with the ability to view a DVD/Bluray Poster, to be able to read what the movie is about, who plays and what ratings it got. The XtreamerTV adds the relevant information to any movie you copy to the device in your own language, without you even clicking a button. Subtitles automatic download is planned to be launched in next firmware update.

Xtreamer TV 



All the media files in any folder you share on your local network: whether from a PC, NAS or notebook computer will be made available for playback on your XtreamerTV. Automation is the trick. You can of course add and remove folders manually as well. You can easily mount Mac OS folders, Windows or Linux folders with one click of the remote only. The XtreamerTV internal HDD will be also automatically mounted to your computers as network drive without you worrying about complex methods.

Xtreamer TV


Once your device is connected to the Internet and your language is set, you will be able to navigate to "Online Content" where thousands of online movies and clips will be available for you to directly stream and play.


 Xtreamer TV


Everything you can do is visible on the screen while you are doing it. Click one of two buttons only to see additional options made available for you, with an easy Quick Launcher navigation. The entire process is based on the few buttons simple remote control and the duration you press each button.

 Xtreamer TV


Your XtreamerTV can serve you as a download center. Simply login to your device from anywhere, assign a torrent or magnet file to download and come back home later to see the files waiting. All you need to do is to navigate to

Xtreamer TV


We do believe that sometime it is nice to have a short glimpse of your incoming mail from Gmail without being obliged to walk from your sofa. Set your Gmail credentials and you will be able to get the headlines of your recent incoming mail.


Era baru TV Digital kini hadir di Indonesia!

 Xtreamer Set Top Box ini mampu memancarkan sinyal gambar dan suara dengan kualitas penerimaan yang lebih tajam serta jernih di layar TV dibandingkan siaran analog. Menjamin tidak ada semut dan bayangan sama sekali pada gambar.

Apa itu TV Digital ?

Siaran TV Digital terestrial adalah siaran yang menggunakan frekuensi VHF/UHF seperti halnya penyiaran analog, tetapi dengan konten yang digital. Sistem ini menyediakan transmisi digital satu arah melalui jaringan tranmisi berbasis darat (land-based transmitter) yang bisa diterima antena TV UHF konvensional.

Apa Kelebihan TV Digital ?
  • Kualitas Gambar dan Warna yang lebih Jernih.
  • Kualitas Gambar tajam dan beresolusi tinggi kualitas DVD.
  • Kualitas Suara yang menakjubkan.
  • Mendukung frame size 16:9 (wide screen) baik SD maupun HD yang cocok untuk Televisi layar lebar Anda.
  • Gambar Stabil meski berada dalam kondisi bergerak dengan kecepatan tinggi seperti di mobil.
  • Hadir berbagai macam channel baru yang tidak akan anda temukan di siaran analog.
  • Terdapat fitur Multimedia dan layanan entertain lainnya.




Package Contents

All item you get from Xtreamer TV Package

  • XtreamerTV (HDD are not included)
  • 5v 3A Power Adapter
  • Audio & Video Cables
  • Infra-Red Remote Control with 1 mercury cell battery
  • USB Slave cable
  • Quick start guide


Technical Specifications of Xtreamer TV + Free USB WiFi abgn

Processor Onboard SMP867X with 700MHz MIPS CPU by Sigma Designs
Standard Memory 512MB DDR2 RAM
Storage 512MB NAND Flash SATA connector for 2.5" HDD
A/V Out HDMI 1.3 output
Optical Audio output
Phone jack for A/V output(Composite/Analog Audio)
Networking Wifi : Wi-Fi Dongle (USB Type, Optional), Wi-Fi Display (Optional)
LAN : Ethernet 10/100Mbps
Input Device Type USB 2.0 Host Port x 3
USB 2.0 Device Port
O/S Provided Customized Android (based on v2.2 Froyo)
Software Support Video Playback
Format : .MKV, .mpg, .avi, .wmv, .divx, .vob, .tp, .ts, .trp, .dat, .iso, .ifo, .m2t, .m2ts, .mov, .flv, etc.
Codec : MPEG 1/2/4, AVI, XVID, WMV9 (MP@HL), H.264 (MP@HL4.1), VC-1 (AP@L3), etc.
Subtitle : smi, sub/idx, srt, ssa, ass, etc.

Audio Playback
Format: FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, Dolby Digital, WAV, etc.
Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, DTS Digital, DTS MA, (Down mixing and pass through)

Photo Playback : JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, etc.
Dimension 146mm x 109mm x 33mm















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